Soy & Coconut wax blend - CS-12

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Soy & Coconut wax blend - CS-12 is the 100% natural wax is a blend of soy wax and coconut wax (proprietary blend of hydrogenated vegetable glycerides derived from soybean and coconut with non-hazardous additives.). Ideal for larger scale production. Excellent for hand pouring, and can also be used on an automated line. Ability to rip wicks and re-melt tops, however not necessary as there is minimal sink upon cooling. Offers complete glass adhesion. No fat bloom when properly cooled. Excellent cold and hot throw. Soy & Coconut wax blend - CS-12 is compatible with most fragrances, even those not specifically formulated for soy waxes.

Note: Wax is packaged in solid flakes.

Suggested Applications:

  • Container candles
  • Suitable as a softener for pillar candles


  • creamy texture
  • full glass adhesion
  • fat bloom resistance
  • good cold and hot throw
  • compatible with most fragrances
  • maximum recommended fragrance – 6%

Important: Store in a cool dry area, away from direct heat or sunlight.

Data sheet

Soy and Coconut wax
Product type
Intended for
Pouring into containers
Drop point
around 52°C
Suggested Melt Temperatures
around 75°C
Add fragrance
around 65°C
Suggested Pour Temperatures
around 60°C
Fragrance Load
About 6% Max
For massage candles
Injection molding
Candle wax
Made in

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