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Gel wax is a translucent wax with the consistency of jelly. It is created using a combination of mineral oil and polymer resin, this gives the wax a slow melt rate and a long burn time. Due to the clarity of the wax, it is ideal for making candles embedded with objects such as seashells, sand, some plastic embellishment, botanicals, sliced dried fruits, small glass ornaments, glitter or anything that won't melt at a temperature lower than the wax. This wax is considered medium to high density, and therefore will suspend fairly heavy embeds. The finished candle will have a longer burn time, making the wax good value for money, even though it is more expensive than paraffin waxes.

Gel wax can only be used in containers, as it doesn't have the stiffness to stand on its own. If you want to colour the wax, we recommend to use dye chips however if you add too much the may lose its transparency. Gel wax has a higher melt point than paraffin wax and should be melted in a pot over direct heat. It does tend to bubble whilst melting, to avoid this heat the wax to a temperature in excess of 110 °C , but don't exceed 125°C as the wax could burn.

Suggested Applications:

  • Container candles


  • translucent
  • can embedded with objects
  • medium to high density
  • longer burn time
  • use stiff zinc or paper core wick
  • holds up to 6% fragrance or essential oil
  • odurless
  • Isoluble in water
  • boiling point/range: >250°C
  • flash point (ASTM D 93): >250°C
  • autoignition point (°C): >180°C


Our  wax will hold up to 6% fragrance oil. Please note, not all scents are suitable. The scents recommended for this wax are called 'non polar' and have a flash point in excess of 77°C. Not using the right scent for gel wax can be hazardous. Unscented Gel wax has a burn pool temperature of 130°C, this is well below the general flash point of 227°C. However, adding fragrance lowers the flash point of the wax, potentially low enough to cause the wax to ignite, so avoid these fragrances, and be sure to test your gel wax candles in a safe controlled environment.

Important: Keep away from sources of ignition!

Data sheet

Gel wax
Product type
Intended for
Pouring into containers
Drop point
around 80°C
Suggested Melt Temperatures
around 115°C
Add fragrance
around 75°C
Suggested Pour Temperatures
around 75°C
Fragrance Load
About 6% Max
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