The magic of candle making is seeing your creation come alive under the playful dance of the flame!
And as we know, quality ingredients are needed for magic to work! ;)

Guided by this maxim, in 2016 we at Mulberry Ltd set ourselves the single, but most important goal - to offer the bulgarian market only the best quality materials for candles produced by world brands that have proven themselves over time.
At, you will find candle wax from companies such as Cargill, AKK, Kerax, All Seasons, candle scents from leading European perfume manufacturers, Bekro candle dyes, the patented wooden candle wicks of the American brand Wooden Wick and others.

About us:
We try to do things in the best way, and let the results speak for us!
We may not be perfect, but as long as the flame is within us, our eyes will be on the next step. ;)

For you:
If you like what we do - don't hesitate to tell us!
And if there is something you don't like - tell us again so we can make it better!

And may the flame be with you!

Gold Candle