Calculator for the right size wooden wick

How it works:

Move the slider from the "Diameter" section to the number that indicates or is closest to the inside diameter of your vessel.

From the drop-down menu in the "Type of wax" section, select the wax you will use for your candles.

In the "Indicative sizes" section, you will see the size of the wooden wick that you can test with.

Description of the wooden wick:

Below the wood wick size listed, it will be noted whether the particular wax configuration and container diameter will require a single or double wick.

If it is noted that the wick must be single, then one wick of the specified size is installed in the sustainer.

If it is noted that the wick must be double, then two wicks are installed in one sustainer, touching each other from the flat side.

If it is noted that the wicks must be two (2x), then two single or double pieces of the specified size are placed.

For all containers over 9cm in diameter, the number of wicks is increased, but the size of the wick is reduced.

Combinations between two sizes of wicks are also possible, when for a given diameter it is necessary to match the exact strength of the flame so that the candle burns in the best possible way.

*ParaSoy - Blend of paraffin and soy