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A05 Superior Soy Blend wax is designed to achieve reliable results even in cooler climates – with superior container adhesion, resisting shrinkage and frosting. 
A05 has a beautiful and natural creamy soy finish and is formulated to retain a smooth and even surface, the coconut wax component gives it a showroom look.   

Superior CocoSoy A05 is a container wax which has outstanding hot and cold scent throw and performs consistently in adverse conditions. Made up primarily of natural soy bean and blended Coconut wax, the A05 also contains a plant based additive which assists the candle setting smoothly.

The Superior CocoSoy A05 has/is:

  • The first flaked CocoSoy wax on the market

  • Fantastic container adhesion which is resistant to frosting

  • Anti-shrink properties

  • An even wall-to-wall burn pool

  • A high fragrance tolerance of 6-8%

  • Fantastic oil absorption resulting in amazing hot and cold scent throw

  • A beautiful, creamy soy finish which remains firm.

Data sheet

Soy and Coconut wax
Product type
Intended for
Pouring into containers
Drop point
Suggested Melt Temperatures
65 - 75°C
Add fragrance
45°C - 65°C
Suggested Pour Temperatures
45°C - 65°C
Congealing Point
Fragrance Load
Melt method
In a water bath or in a wax melter
For massage candles
Injection molding
All Seasons Wax
All Seasons Wax
Made in

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