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Ecosoya Pillar Blend is a wax best for pillar and moulded candles including votives, tarts, melts, and novelty as well as other applications. Ecosoya Pillar Blend contracts from moulds to produce a beautiful pillar candles and wax melts with a creamy white appearance. Ecosoya Pillar blend has great cent throw with fragrances, and is made from pure soybeans and carefully selected botanical oils.

Note: Wax is packaged in pellet form.

Suggested Applications:

  • Pillar candles
  • Molded Candles
  • Votives
  • Novelty
  • Tarts
  • Melts


  • Clean burning
  • Еasy to use firm wax
  • Requiring multiple pours for larger pillars

Important: Store in a cool dry area, away from direct heat or sunlight.

Every combination of container, wax, dye, fragrance and wick must be tested for burn quality.

Data sheet

Soy wax
Product type
Intended for
Pouring into molds
Drop point
around 52°C
Suggested Melt Temperatures
around 75°C
Add fragrance
about 60°C
Suggested Pour Temperatures
around 60°C
Fragrance Load
About 10% Max
Melt method
In a water bath or in a wax melter
For massage candles
Injection molding
EcoSoya Brands
Made in

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