Coconut wax - Cargill AP-620

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The product is high stability base emollient of non-GM origin. The Crude oil is obtained from the kernels of the coconut. Crude oil then is refined, bleached, hydrogenated and deodorised. With a melting point of approx. 32 ° C, the wax has a softening effect. This effect is beneficial, especially in various skin and hair care products. Agri-Pure® AP-620 is kosher, halal. Agri-pure® AP-620 is used as a plasticizer in cosmetics. Besides the emollient functionality product known for skin and hair conditioning, masking and perfunming properties.This coconut wax is used for hair-care, lip balm, lipstick, make-up, mascara, skin-care, sun-care and deodorant, among other things.  The wax is tasteless.

The manufacturer guarantees that this product complies with all current and relevant EU food laws. No ingredients of animal origin are contained or used.

  • Function - softening
  • Melting range - very low melting up to 60°C

Coconut wax should be stored dry, cool and protected from light.

Data sheet

Coconut wax
Product type
Intended for
Pouring into containers
Drop point
around 43°C
Suggested Melt Temperatures
around 60°C
Add fragrance
around 60°C
Suggested Pour Temperatures
around 60°C
Fragrance Load
About 6% Max
Melt method
In a water bath or in a wax melter
For massage candles
Injection molding
Made in

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